Michael Giacchino – Jurassic World Dominion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2022)

Genres: Soundtrack, Music
Released: 10 June 2022


  1. Jurassi-logos/Dinow This
  2. A Dinosaur In the Ranching Business
  3. It's Like Herding Parasaurolophus
  4. Upsy-Maisie
  5. Clonely You/The Hunters Become the Hunted
  6. The Campfire In Her Soul
  7. Hay of the Locusts
  8. A Sattler State of Affairs, Alan For Granted, Sattler-I Barely Know Her
  9. The Wages of Biosyn
  10. Free-Range Kidnapping
  11. A-Biosyn We Will Go
  12. The Dodgson Burns Bright, The Maltese Dragons
  13. You're So Cute When You Smuggle
  14. In Contempt of Delacourt, Dance of the Atrociraptors
  15. Da Plane and Da Cycle
  16. You're Making Me Feel Wu-zy
  17. The Geneticist's Gambit, Cicadian Rhythms
  18. Therizinosaurus Will Be Blood, Land of the Frost
  19. A Dimetrodon a Dozen
  20. She Shoots She Scorches
  21. Gigantosaurus On Your Life
  22. Ladder and Subtract, What's Your Major Malcom Function, Six Degrees of Evacuation
  23. Ramsay's the Second No More
  24. Gotta Shut Down the Blah Blah Blah
  25. Girls Can Alpha Too
  26. Saliva and Kicking
  27. Wu-ing For Redemption
  28. Battle Royale With Reprise, Six Days Seven Denouments
  29. A-O-Kayla
  30. All the Jurassic World's a Rage
  31. Larry Curly and MOE
  32. Suite, Suite Dino Revenge

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