$uicideBoy$ – Songsthatwewontgetsuedforbutattheendofthedayweallgonnadieanyway [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2016)

$uicideBoy$ - Songsthatwewontgetsuedforbutattheendofthedayweallgonnadieanyway [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2016)

Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
Released: Sep 08, 2016
℗ 2016 G59 Records


1. South Side Suicide (feat. Pouya) [Explicit]
2. Jon Voight (Live Fast, Die Young) [Explicit]
3. Am / Pm [Explicit]
4. Novus Ordo Seclorum [Explicit]
5. Gaudy Pack Shawty (feat. Yung God) [Explicit]
6. Kill Yourself (Part II) [Explicit]
7. Magnolia (feat. Kirb La Goop) [Explicit]
8. #1 Stunna [Explicit]
9. Do You Believe in God? [Explicit]
10. Sacred [Explicit]
11. Diemonds [Explicit]
12. Mount Sinai [Explicit]
13. Fake Pontchartrain (feat. Key Nyata) [Explicit]
14. Friday the 13th [Explicit]
15. Heavily Medicated [Explicit]
16. Slow Motion (feat. Supa) [Explicit]
17. Nm Jc [Explicit]
18. Prince Tulip [Explicit]
19. Aphrodite {The Aquatic Ape Theory} [Explicit]
20. Trapathy [Explicit]
21. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 [Explicit]
22. Saturn Sunrise [Explicit]
23. Gold (’99-2000) [Explicit]
24. 333333 [Rare* ’96 Bootleg Cassette Rip Tres Seis] [Explicit]
25. Crucify Me Wearing Tommy [Explicit]
26. Back from da Dead [Explicit]
27. Tempura [Explicit]
28. Bags [Explicit]
29. Sleep Walk [Explicit]
30. Torcher [Explicit]
31. Vincent Van Gogh Ain’t Got Shit on Me [Explicit]
32. Shattered Amethyst [Explicit]
33. Fuckthepopulation [Explicit]
34. Death in the Ocean Would Be Beautiful [Explicit]
35. Converting… [Explicit]
36. Low Key [Explicit]
37. Evolution (Pretty Good Movie / Pretty Good Theory) [Explicit]
38. To Have and Have Not [Explicit]
39. Can of Worms [Explicit]
40. Paris [Explicit]
41. That Time We Went to Wal Mart in Memphis to Steal Some Shit Before We Met up With Ta to Shoot His Video (feat. Ghost) [Explicit]
42. Lte [Explicit]
43. Gloss of Blood [Explicit]
44. All My Life I Wanted a Chevy [Explicit]
45. In Order to Cast a Shadow You Must First Cast a Flame [Explicit]
46. Handzum Suicide (feat. Dylan Ross) [Explicit]
47. That’s Very Minimalist of You [Explicit]
48. Romulus [Explicit]
49. Straw Chairs [Explicit]
50. St. Bernard [Explicit]
51. Rag Round My Skull [Explicit]
52. Brooklyn (feat. Black Smurf) [Explicit]
53. Fema Camps (feat. Black Smurf) [Explicit]
54. Chilly Gentilly (feat. Black Smurf) [Explicit]
55. Lacombe (feat. Black Smurf) [Explicit]
56. Ruby Is Finally Satisfied with His Verse (feat. Black Smurf) [Explicit]
57. Whose Pills Are These? (Which Bag Were They In?) [feat. Black Smurf] [Explicit]
58. Malebranche [Explicit]
59. Slenderman (feat. Germ) [Explicit]
60. West End (feat. Germ) [Explicit]
61. Road to Hell Is Highway 59 (feat. Rvmirxz) [Explicit]

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